Christ Is Coming Soon!

Christ Is Coming Soon!

Time Is Running Out!


Powerful Go! Evangelism Gospels Tracts in 35 Language Versions!

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Christ Is Coming Soon! Time Is Running Out Fast!

  • Brother John O.

    I am happy to write this letter to you. On this day which the Lord has made Ps. 118:24. I am a Muslim and a student. Some one gave me your wonderful biblical leaflet last year to read it one cool morning. I was touched and realized that I was a lost sinner. I was […]


    PLEASE PRAY; I have Been sick since my tracts arrived. that will not stop me. its only a temporary setback. I have seen my nation being slowly taken over by haters of light. I am compelled to do my part and make the truth known. pray for me for I know the haters of light […]

  • C.H. Huang

    I received the tracts today. Thank you. The Youth Ministry of Rutgers Community Christian Church in New Jersey will have an outreach program on July 18. We pray that through this meeting, many young people will know Jesus and receive Him as their personal savior. God bless your ministry, too! In Him, C.H. Huang

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Go! Evangalism Gospel Tracts! Go! Evangalism Gospel Tracts!

1 Corinthians 2:4-5 "My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with demonstration of the Spirit's power, so that your faith might not rest on men's wisdom, but on God's power."

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START Gospel Tract Evangelism! SAVE Perishing Souls!

Out of the busy schedule, the reason for our existence is somehow missed out. The Bible reminds the mankind that doing good to others and confessing sins with honest heart and humility can save us from going to hell. This message is conveyed in the Christian Gospel Tracts of the bible. Spreading the message of Jesus is a prominent tool of Evangelism.

Let’s know more about the Gospel Tracts:

  • They are concise and to the point.
  • To spread Evangelism, they should be readily available in printed and electronic medium.
  • These tracts are always ready to travel and can be read over and over again.


Evangelism is the duty of every Christian. Evangelism can be defined as spreading the message of Jesus and His name so that people can relate to those gospels in the daily life. These gospels contain the message of God and this is every Christian’s duty to announce, proclaim and preach the Christian gospel tracts to people.


By giving out gospels, you are offering the greatest gift of humanity. These tracts inspire us that Jesus loves us and doing good to others is the only thing that we can take with us to the heaven. These gospel tracts also tell us that we should forgive others for their sins, if we want to be forgiven by the Lord. Salvation tracts convey the message of Jesus that confessing all our sins with a honest heart can cleanse us and save us from the brutality of hell.

A quick look to the benefits of gospel tracts:

  • Any person can circulate the message, even a blind or a dumb man.
  • The tracts always stick to a specific point and it is the duty of the evangelist to keep it on track.
  • A tract will usually succeed in winning a man to Christ when normal conversation is not possible.
  • Tracts are available in more than 43 languages; select the best tract according to the person you come in contact to make it engrossing, useful and powerful.
  • It is a matter to pride to share tracts with others as they are God’s message to us.
  • Tracts can be read anywhere and to anyone, without any bias or limitation.


Powerful Gospel Tracts are the absolute source of eternal salvation, healing and justice. Salvation tracts convey the message of how one can be saved from the sins, as mankind is sinful. They also speak about confessing all the bad deeds to be forgiven, so that we are then showered by the grace and blessings of Jesus Christ.

Honestly following the ‘Salvation Tracts’ not only assures us of eternal salvation, but also bring out our inner happiness, satisfaction and contentment.

Tips to spread Evangelism using Christian Salvation Gospel Tracts:

  • While sending greeting cards, mailers, or bills, include a tract in the mail.
  • Leave printed tract copies at important and popular places for people to pick up and read.
  • Keep tracts with you in your purse or bags, to ensure you are always equipped to share the good news.
  • Schools and educational institutions can be reached out to spread the knowledge of the Bible tracts.
  • You can evangelize in a group during an event, in lunch-breaks, in a mall, etc.

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